Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My First Attempt

True to my word, I am STILL writing about all my firsts. Today I conducted my first interview for the school newspaper. I had been so busy with all the events going on this past weekend that I hurriedly scheduled a meeting with the student government congressman responsible for the act. The act that Will (the congressman) wanted to pass has to do with allowing organizations and clubs affiliated with the school more financial freedom. Right now, organizations are only given the right to use their tax deductible money towards educational purposes only. If this act gets passed, then they can use their funds towards wherever they need it. So far, this benefits greek organizations the most but it does benefit other groups as well.

Do you see any flaws in this kind of act passing?
In a few days, I'll have my first published journalistic piece! I'll post it right here to read. Another first to write about soon.
I have more to talk about, hopefully I can get around to writing about my labor day weekend.