Sunday, November 8, 2009

Two Poems I Wrote!

I am a Bird

I keep running and you can't stop me
I jump,
I scream,
I touch the air;
So don't you judge me.
I speak your language and I speak in tongues,
You won't ignore me.
I can fly,
I can escape,
I can sing and I can pray,
You can't tie me down.
I am yellow, red, white, and black,
All shades and hues,
All lighter and darker than you,
So why don't you love me?

Dangled Necklace

The light glimmers softly on your token of love
-but it's my token of love, too.
It shimmers, it dances, it skips, and disappears
Over a row of diamonds.
Heavy upon my chest I feel your heart upon my heart
My cold self that is made feverish
Against your hot flesh
My shell was orchestrated from metal and precious stones,
You barely feel me, but I notice all of you
-the color & intonation of your skin over your collarbones
I marvel anew over my simplicity
and the complexity of you.
How cruel is it that I would never leave you,
Even if I could
I pray that I would never be broken
For I know you would.

Dangled Necklace is a poem in coincidence with Dangled Earrings, which used to be featured on I will post it up here sometime to show the similarities in writing styles and technique.