Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Blog

I recently had an "epiphany". Not anything extraordinary but still life altering all the same. I decided that I was going to change my major after two years of college. No longer will I be a micro/molecular biology major (I absolutely hate science) but I am going to study journalism. Journalism appeals to me first and foremost because of my love for literature, then for my strong writing skills, and also since it will give me a creative outlet. Journalism will give me the creative freedom that I won't get from being a science major. I can write about boring pieces, events that interest me, economic trends, study political changes, et al.

At my school I have to take a minor, which just narrows my interests. I'm extremely excited. I want to venture more towards photojournalism since it'll enhance my career options as a model.
Today life is a beautiful thing!