Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Used To Have A Dog Named Skye

I just sent an e-mail to the members of my school newspaper to find out when their first meeting is, which I only know that it is on Monday. I'm going to need the time and location and then hopefully I can get started.
Yesterday I had work and I was absolutely thrilled that I had an hour break instead of the usual thirty minutes. I headed home, checked my e-mail, bought lunch, then headed back to work. I did better at work in sales than I usually do so I was extremely pleased with myself. Well when I was within my neighborhood I saw an animal services car driving away from my street which caught my attention and gave me a sense of trepidation. I pulled into my driveway and started walking towards my door when my neighbor approached me. She asked me if I had a cocker spaniel (which I, up to that point DID) and she asked to see my cocker spaniel and she FOLLOWED ME AROUND MY HOUSE, I've never met the woman before nor have I ever seen her before. Well apparently my dog had been running around and she took her in for a little bit.
She called animal services and basically made me feel like a reckless owner when I was at work all day and I was even home for my lunch break. She told me to call animal services to get my dog back and suggested calling someone at a cocker spaniel rescue center since I was "neglecting" my dog (no one was home between the hours of 1 and 5 because we have JOBS). I felt terrible so I did call someone at a cocker spaniel rescue center and she basically told me this neighbor of mine was a witch. She made a point of telling me thing five times. She informed me that my dog will now be exposed to all kinds of diseases which will cause me and my family to pay for her medical expenses. Up to that point I wasn't worried about my dog being unsafe but now she's going to be a safety liability and an extra expense (I'm talking about her medical expenses).
My best friend couldn't believe that this lady had the audacity to call animal services let alone trespass onto my property. My dog was kept outdoors since she was a "Marley" type dog (if you ever watched Marley and Me, then you'll know EXACTLY what I'm talking about). She had a fenced in area of the yard for herself and the whole patio to herself. She wasn't kept under a tree or anything. She just managed to get loose.
My dad managed to do some investigating and realized that when the landscaping company came over to our home he must have let the dog loose unintentionally. His lack of attention cost us our dog. I'm going to reclaim her on Monday. It'll cost a little over $50 to get her back but worth it.
This is Skye, she's a cocker spaniel and the sweetest dog ever.