Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Embarrassing Wardrobe

I was studying for my Social Psychology exam when I discovered that there's a certain phenomenon. The phenomenon studies how people seem to believe that there is an audience and are more likely to be embarrassed over wearing a tacky t-shirt when only 33% of people even noticed.
Well, I'm that 33% that notices.
Today I saw a young lady wearing jeans with about knee-length boots. In coordinating outfits, it's important that when wearing a black jacket and boots, that your jeans are a dark blue hue instead of a light blue hue. This will give you an overall slimming effect.
Next I want to touch up on wearing capris with boots. Don't do it. It's not summer and capris have not been cycled back into the fashion realm. Especially if you're not sure if the lines of your capri pants will show over the boots.