Monday, February 8, 2010

Proper Etiquette: Is it okay to put on your make-up in public?

I was walking through the an eating area at my university and I thought I saw a familiar face applying make-up for all to see. My immediate (and extremely honest) thought was 'She's putting on make-up in public and in a place everyone eats. I'm so glad that we're not friends anymore'. I know that this may come across as shallow but there are so many young (and older) woman (or girls) that just do not seem to know proper etiquette when to other people it's just common courtesy. Let me explain.

Let us analyze the situation I had presented earlier. This unknowing girl was putting on make-up in a public place. This was the first faux-pas. The second, was that she was applying her make-up in an eating area. Despite the casual atmosphere of an university, it should be common knowledge that applying make-up in a dining place is generally considered rude. Julie Rottenburg puts it quite plainly, "You’re still in a public place, and there’s something unseemly about having to watch someone else tend to personal hygienic business that should be done in the privacy of one’s bathroom." This girl (let's call her Amy**) should have realized that the application of make-up is considered a hygienic procedure. To put it quite simply: it is a personal practice that should be done in private.

What should have Amy done instead? Now if Amy wanted to be wearing make-up she should have (1) had done her make-up at home or (2) found a restroom or dressing room and applied her make-up there or (3) gone without any make-up at all. It is as simple as that.

On the other hand...

Several beauty experts seem to agree on a few certain exceptions. These exceptions include the simple task of touching up lipstick or lipgloss. This is probably because lipstick tends to wear off easily and can be quickly applied without the need of a mirror.

If you find yourself in a bind, and you see a cute guy across the room and you are certain that you look disheveled, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Many guys seem to like the more casual look, they feel like they are seeing the "real" you. If you must put on some make-up, try for a tinted gloss. A clear gloss would feel too subtle, lipstick would look too much, but a gloss with color can definitely pull the look together in a casual Blake Lively type of way.

**Not her real name

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