Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fashion Forward: Urban Outfitters

I was perusing an Urban Outfitters catalog and decided to highlight my favorite outfits. I will also be picking out different accessories with each outfit, mostly from different sites since most people don't usually just shop at one store.

Look One:
For a great spring and daytime look, I loved this dress/jumper. I would recommend very light and natural make-up for this look.

As a matching cover up, I feel that this cardigan from Forever 21 helps complete the look.

Of course, I would suggest wearing it unbuttoned to show off the jumper-dress from Urban Outfitters. This would look great with any of the offered colors except perhaps the yellow. If you opt for the yellow jumper, I would simply go without a cover up.
As for shoes, I was thrilled when I found these flats since they are the sweetest doll-like pair I've found so far. They're from DSW Shoes and available in black and creme!

Look Two:
I wanted to go a whole different direction then the first outfit I chose since it was sweet and pretty and a daytime look. The second look is more of a rocker-glam look that you usually would wear for going out. I would recommend black winged eyeliner (such as what you normally see on Angelina Jolie, except more dramatic) with pink lipstick and plenty of lip gloss and mascara! This dress from Urban Outfitters just grabbed my attention.

Now the dress looks rather plain in the front but it's the back detailing that makes this a winning dress. The rather unique placement of the zipper had me absolutely drooling all over this dress. If you aren't a fan of the gray, it's also available in black and purple.

My biggest concern with a dress like this will be the goof-offs that might try to unzip you out of your dress in a very public place so a dress like this needs the perfect cover-up, which is why I loved Urban Outfitters Zip Trim Jacket.

p.s. any really cool black leather jacket will do the trick too!

These shoes from Jimmy Choos that I found will do just the trick in bringing the whole look together:

I have no doubt in my mind that you'll be able to find accessories such as earrings and necklaces that will go with the outfits. Never forget, make sure you have the right handbag for each.